Dry flowers

by María Rodríguez Blanco

Since I was very little I have had the obsession of drying flowers, I suppose that because they are extremely beautiful, although ephemeral, the idea of preserving beauty forever has made human beings a little crazy, a clear example of this is the famous book The portrait of Dorian Grey.

In general, most flowers can be dried, although some do it better than others, therefore, if you have decided that you want to have your bouquet forever, we leave you with a series of tips so that the result is the best possible:

We recommend drying your bouquet once it comes home, or at the latest a couple of days after receiving it.

First of all; let your flowers breathe, removing all kinds of wrapping.

Cut the stem crosswise to clean the flower, remove faded flowers, and remove leaves or thorns from roses.

It is best to place the bouquet in a dark, dry and ventilated room, trying to avoid exposure to sunlight and temperature changes as much as possible.

It is essential that the bouquet is placed upside down, so that the nutrients are directed towards the petals, my own experience tells me that it is best to hang it on the wall or ceiling. If it is impossible, you can support it on newspaper, placing it very well so that the leaves are not deformed.

Lastly, spray your bouquet with hairspray, but not too much so that the petals don't fall off or become misshapen.

Now you can enjoy it for much longer, although the result is completely different from the fresh flowers we received almost a month ago, they tell us a story and take us back to a memory, perhaps of our first mother's day or the tenth anniversary of the happiest day of your life, even so, I hope that the flowers make you very happy and that my advice has helped you.