Hello! My name is María Rodríguez Blanco and I am the designer, creative director, florist of the Reveligion brand and mother of 3 children. Our main premise is to create a philosophy around the brand concept: "The Reveligion experience as an object of desire". My first contact with these disciplines began when I studied a degree in fashion design in 2010 at CEADE Leonardo while I combined it with a job as a florist in my neighbourhood. I decided to go for this unique symbiosis and in 2015, I gave life to Reveligion. I have also trained in styling, graphic design, pattern making, sewing, public relations and visual merchandising. Years go by, and nowadays I can say that the firm has paraded on the most nationally recognised catwalks. With presence on two occasions at the Samsung EGO MBFW, 080 Barcelona catwalk along with being a finalist in the Vogue Spain contest: Who ́s on Next. As creative director of the Reveligion brand I have established contact with the press and positioned my brand in the most renowned national and international magazines along with the organization of solidarity fashion shows and events. Vogue Runway, Elle or Harper's Bazaar, Marie Claire, Glamour, among others along with great presence in showrooms outside Europe. We have worked with stylists of the stature of Natalia Bengoechea, Ana Rojas, Minerva Portillo, Marta Bajo, or Sara Fernández Castro. In addition to dressing the artists and celebrities of the moment such as Georgina Rodríguez, Lola Indigo, Aitana, Russian Red, Eva B, Samantha, Mina El Hammani, and a long etcetera. Our driving force? authenticity and creativity; evolving towards something bigger, a commercial connection with global projection. Reveligion exports a strong brand image, with its own style, contemporary, creative and fresh; marked by the intention of launching a message, which is clearly perceived: the Spain brand. Reveligion, dare to be different. María.