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Carnation stem.

Being natural we cannot assure you that your bouquet will look the same as the description but always respecting the tones so that it is to your liking.

By working only with national quality products, we make the shipments from monday to thursday, for
not go into overproduction, it will take two days to have your bouquet.

Likewise, the florist service will not be available in the months of July and August for conservation reasons at high temperatures.

Remove all the wrappings that come with the bouquet and let the flower breathe. Cut the stems about one centimetre diagonally every three days. Remove any leaves that may touch the water and any flowers that are going to be damaged so that bacteria do not proliferate. Use a large, very clean vase and change the warm water in the flowers every three days. Light is very important, but avoid sudden changes in temperature, draughts and direct sunlight.

Our commitment to quality means ensuring that your bouquet arrives in perfect condition. That's why we take care of the stems so that they arrive hydrated during transport. It will arrive with a very special packaging, in which you will find the dedication, the care card and the freshest flowers wrapped with a beautiful design by our team.

In general, most flowers can dry, although some do it better than others, so if you have decided that you want to keep your bouquet forever, here are a few tips to ensure the best possible result: We recommend drying your bouquet once it comes home, or at the latest a couple of days after receiving it. Let your flowers breathe, removing all wrapping. Cut the stem crosswise to clean the flower, remove any wilted flowers and remove any leaves or thorns from the roses. It is best to place the bouquet in a dark, dry and ventilated room, trying to avoid exposure to sunlight and temperature changes as much as possible. It is essential that the bouquet is placed upside down, so that the nutrients are directed towards the petals, it is best to hang it on the wall or from the ceiling. If this is not possible, you can place the bouquet on newspaper and place it on top of it so that the leaves are not deformed. Finally, spray your bouquet with hairspray, but not too much, so that the petals don't fall off or become deformed.