1. How can I purchase from Spain at www.reveligion.com?
Buying at www.reveligion.com is very easy. Choose the type of garment you are looking for. Select a product and add it to the cart. You can process the order or continue shopping. To make the purchase it is necessary to register as a customer. It's very simple, it will only take a few minutes and will make future purchases easier. To register, enter your information in the form and press continue. We only have one shipping method, which is applied automatically. Check the delivery address and press continue. Select the payment method. If you choose PayPal or a credit card, you will be transferred to a secure payment platform. Enter your account or card details and press continue. You will receive an e-mail confirming the order. Once we have verified the payment, we will proceed to produce your garment and send it within a period of 2 weeks. If you need your order for a special day, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will adapt with the delivery date.

2. How can I buy from outside mainland Spain?
You can buy from any country in the world. You only have to select your country when scheduling the shipment. If your country does not appear among the options, do not hesitate to contact us at shop@reveligion.com and we will solve your request in 24 hours.

3. What is my size?
A size guide is available on our website. You must measure your chest, waist and hip contours and add it to the order notes. If you have any questions, we will be happy to help you at shop@reveligion.com or the web chat.

4. How many languages can I navigate in?
For your comfort, you can choose between Spanish and English.

5. Can I recover my password?
If you have forgotten your password, you must go to the top menu (My account) and from there click on "forgotten password". A new password will be sent to your email account. Once you enter your session you can change this password for one that is easier to remember.

6. The article that I was interested in is out of stock.
In this case, we recommend that you write to us at shop@reveligion.com and we will help you find the option that best suits what you are looking for. In some cases, we could make an exception and manufacture the garment, thanks to the tailoring department, if we had the fabric available. Therefore, it is important to contact shop@reveligion.com

7. What does it mean that an item has a preorder option?
It means that it can't be purchased yet, but by subscribing, you'll be among the first to know when it's available and you'll have priority when it comes to purchasing it.

8. How can I know the status of an order?
Once your order has been made, we will proceed to send you an email with the tracking number. You can always contact us at shop@reveligion.com and we will solve your doubts within 24 hours.

9. What do I do if the product I receive is not what I wanted or is in poor condition?
At www.reveligion.com we take the utmost care to send products in perfect condition. If this does not happen, contact us by sending an email to shop@reveligion.com and we will proceed to refund or replace the wrong and/or failed merchandise.

10. What form of payment can I use for my purchase?
We have the following forms of payment: by credit card (Visa or Mastercard), PayPal or Klarna

11. How can I get an invoice?
Send us an e-mail to shop@reveligion.com indicating the order number and billing information and we will send you the invoice as soon as possible.

12. Is it safe to pay with a credit card on this website?
Card payments are transmitted to a secure payment platform managed by Banco Santander that encrypts the information on each card to guarantee a 100% secure payment method. Only when the bank confirms the validity of the data is the charge made on the card.

13. Why is my card not accepted?
Check that all the information is correct and that your card has not expired. If it continues to give an error, contact us shop@reveligion.com

14. How much are the shipping costs?
The expenses for mainland Spain are:
Standard shipping mode: €7 (free on orders over €120)
Other countries and islands: the price of shipping costs will be highlighted depending on the country of destination, if you have any questions, send us an email to shop@reveligion.com

15. Is the brand responsible for customs expenses and taxes?
Unfortunately this surcharge is totally out of our control. The client who receives an order in a country that does not belong to the European Union, can obtain a surcharge of customs taxes. The transport company will contact you if your order suffers an additional cost. In this case, Reveligion will never take responsibility, the client will always be responsible for correcting it.

16. How long will it take to receive my order?
Peninsula and Balearic Islands deliveries in 24-48 hours (only guaranteed for orders placed before 7:00 p.m.).

Other destinations and islands, consult at shop@reveligion.com

17. Where can I receive my order?
At the address you choose: work, home... The transport service will contact you to set a suitable time slot for delivery.
You have two delivery attempts, once successful, the package will be delivered to a collection point. If you have not picked up the package within a week, it will return to our headquarters.

18. Can I pick up the order at the store?
We do not have a store pickup option.

19. How can I exchange or return an item?
You can return the items purchased at www.reveligion.com within a maximum period of 15 working days from the date of receipt of the order.
Items must be in perfect condition. They cannot have been used and must keep their label and/or original packaging.
Returns of garments that so specify in the purchase process (for example: earrings or underwear) are not allowed.
Returns of articles after the established period will not be accepted either.
The return can be made by requesting home collection at shop@reveligion.com. The return does not have an additional cost for the customer.
For this type of return you must keep the box or packaging of your shipment and close it so that the shipment is safe.
The transport company will contact you to set a suitable time for the collection of the items.
Once we check the status of the returned products, we will proceed to refund the purchase amount in the same form of payment in which it was purchased, within a maximum period of 7 working days.

20. If I don't know what to give, can I buy a gift card?
At www.reveligion.com we have 100% safe and 100% comfortable virtual gift cards.
You can also personalize the message that will accompany the sending of the card. You just have to provide us with the recipient's email and indicate the day and time you want delivery. The card has a unique code that will allow the payment of any of our products on the web.

21. How can I use my Gift Card?
To make a purchase on the web with the Gift Card you must enter your shopping cart and choose the coupon option. Enter your card code in the indicated box and press continue. Follow the purchase process as normal.
The card cannot be exchanged or returned. The available balance will not be exchangeable for money.

22. Is it necessary to consume the balance of the card in one go?
No, if you do not use the full amount of your card in a purchase, the remaining balance will remain accumulated on it. Try to save the gift card code, but in case of loss, contact us: shop@reveligion.com